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When we gather we always worship.
Worship means many different things to many different people. The Bible uses lots of different words to talk about worship; praise, adoration, thanksgiving and intimate connection are just a few of them.
We know that worship is about expressing our love for God and we believe that God makes Himself known where He is made welcome.
The Bible calls this His Presence, the real sense of seeing, feeling and knowing the God who is Spirit.

In all our worship we seek His Presence. We want to meet Him, hear from Him and respond to Him. Worship is not just about what we do on a Sunday or any other time we meet.
We want to worship Him so that His Presence is real in our work places and homes.
We meet Him when we our by ourselves and when we are together.
We meet Him when we sing and when we are silent.
Our style is definded by our desire to meet with Him.

We worship when we gather on a Sunday and mid week.
We also worship when we go for walks, meet for a meal and in many other ways.

When we gather for a service we are relaxed and informal, we welcome people dancing, laughing, clapping, expressing what God is saying and doing in them in a variety of ways. We welcome people to be silent and wait and to shout out from the goodness of God.
When we sing we use modern songs, normally from pre-recored session by groups from around the world. We occasionally have live musicians.

Our Father is bigger and better than us so we make room for Him to speak and show His power.
English is not His first or only language so we we will wait for Him to make Himself known in what ever way He wants.
He makes Himself known in many different ways and we want to celebrate and welcome them all.

We are not polished, we put passion before performance.
We encourage everyone to join in by sharing what they think God is saying or feeling, starting a song or leading a prayer.
We don't but pressure on anyone to have to do anything.
We normally have a talk or sermon, from a variety of people, that is real and practical.

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New here?

If you are thinking of joining us for the very first time you will be most welcome, who ever you are and what ever your background is. Go here for some more details.


We try to record all our talks and make them available. Go here for more details.

Small (Life) Groups

Whilst we are not a huge Church (yet !) we know the importance of meeting in smaller, more intimate groups to get to know and encourage each other. More details here

Prayer Requests

We believe and see all types of healing and answered prayers. Contact us to send us your prayer request.

Service Times

We meet nearly every Sunday but at different times and places each week. Every page of this web site will tell you the next meeting. Go here for meeting details, directions and location maps.

Get involved

Get involved by meeting us in 'real life' at our next gathering or small group. You can also do all the social media stuff via the links on this site.

Next meeting

Sunday 3rd October. From 10.30 for drinks and treats.
From 11.00 for worship, teaching and encounter.
Sermon will be streamed on YouTube
and Facebook.
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