Our Vision and Values


We have a common purpose that we call our vision.

Our vision is to equip, skill, encourage and release people to live as God intended by always bringing His Kingdom.


We don’t have rules as such as a Church. We do believe some things about how we do life together and what is important to us. We call these our values;

Jesus promised that He would build His Church but told us to seek first the Kingdom of God. We believe that all of the Church should be in His Kingdom but that the Kingdom is bigger than His Church. We live to see God’s way of doing things were disease is banished, cities and families prosper, business succeed, education is valued, His goodness is expressed through art and all are given chance to fulfil their God given potential. We welcome Him to speak to us for ourselves and others. We believe in His healing power. We are a Church that equips and release people to be the bringers of God’s Kingdom. We want gathering together to be a joy and not a ritual or burden where a few people do lots of work to provide for lots of others. We want to be Church, His people living from His love and for His world, not just a once a week service. We love the Church across the city and world and are not about trying to empire build our own local expression.

We want to build up and release big people with a big vision, not have a lot of people feeling obliged to come to centrally organised events. We prioritise relationships before events. We are a community of vulnerability, reality and forgiveness. We know we won’t all agree on everything. We look for unity in difference not uniformity through expectation or control. We would rather support lots of people seeking to bless their work place, home or neighbourhood with activities that are on their hearts than hold central events that wear people out for something they haven’t planned. We have designed what we do on a Sunday and during the week to be joyful and enjoyable where everyone can play a part.

The Father God made Him self real and knowable in Jesus. By His Holy Spirit He still meets with His people. He is Spirit and we meet Him as we seek Him, pray, worship and wait on Him. He makes himself known through words, images, feelings and bodily sensations. We won’t restrict Him to certain time slots or ways of being heard. It’s good to have a plan but it’s better still to subject our plans to His glory and presence. We will welcome Him. We will wait for Him. We will lay aside our preparations and be responsive to His leading. We will be flexible, not fixed. We will experiment with different ways of meeting with each other and Him.

We burn with the love of God. We delight to worship Him and welcome His words and actions. We are not afraid to express our emotions. We share pain and joy but keep our love for Him central. We won’t paint a smile on and say everything is ‘fine’ when it isn’t. We won’t dress to impress or pretend we are better than we are. We will seek to do things well for Him but that doesn’t mean it will be professional and slick. We may start a bit late, change things as we go and make mistakes. We won’t limit who He is or what He does but we will be Biblical.

We are inclusive, loving and welcoming. We all come as we are but are willing to be changed by meeting Him and each other. Our children make noise and interrupt things but also listen and engage with what we are doing together. We make all welcome but we expect people to help themselves and others. We don’t do rotas and have certain people doing certain things. If it needs doing, join in and if you don’t know how to do something or where something goes, ask !

We want to be a place where people want to be. We don't want to lay expectations and demands on already busy people. We welcome all and miss people if they are not around but we don't pressurise. What get's done, get's done and what doesn't can't be that important !

It can be all too easy for any of us to make a crisis out of a drama. We know that He is always with us, that there is no storm that, with His presence, we can't calm. We will pray, invite Him in to the situation before we panic or plan our own way out. He makes all things work together for our good.

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Whilst we are not a huge Church (yet !) we know the importance of meeting in smaller, more intimate groups to get to know and encourage each other. More details here

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We believe and see all types of healing and answered prayers. Contact us to send us your prayer request.

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