What we do (and don't do !)

As a Church we believe the most important thing is to gather around His presence and do what He asks us to do in worship and teaching. We don't, as a Church, serve a specific area or run particular ministries. We do support individuals from the Church (who are the Church anyway !) as they are released, empowered and discipled to bring God's Kingdom in their every day lives. To use a phrase Bill Johnson coined we 'believe in big people, not big ministries'.
A number of us participate or run other missional organisations. They receive support and resources from Celebrate Chruch as a whole.

Kingdom Ministries. Provides Sozo, Financial Sozo and Sozo for Couples sessions and training. Sozo is a tool for inner healing which Celebrate Church strongly encourages attendees to access.
Kingdom Ministries also runs the Celebrate Supernatural School of Ministry, which trains individuals, using the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry's materials, to live in their full identity as Kingdom bearers and bringers.

Andy's Man's Club. A number of our men attend and support the excellent work of Andy's Man's Club.

A number of our people run their own businesses which provide support for people living with demantia or support family counselling. Others work for local Bradford based charities such as CAP and Bradford Central Foodbank. We also recommend Refoveo Coaching which is run by one of our leaders.

We seek to keep Church as a resource of power, presence and encounter rather than expecting individuals to committ so much time to Church activities there is litle left for serving God's purposes in His world. We don't keep a membership list, register when people attend or 'expect' people to put the Church before the Kingdom.

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New here?

If you are thinking of joining us for the very first time you will be most welcome, who ever you are and what ever your background is. Go here for some more details.


We try to record all our talks and make them available. Go here for more details.

Small (Life) Groups

Whilst we are not a huge Church (yet !) we know the importance of meeting in smaller, more intimate groups to get to know and encourage each other. More details here

Prayer Requests

We believe and see all types of healing and answered prayers. Contact us to send us your prayer request.

Service Times

We meet nearly every Sunday but at different times and places each week. Every page of this web site will tell you the next meeting. Go here for meeting details, directions and location maps.

Get involved

Get involved by meeting us in 'real life' at our next gathering or small group. You can also do all the social media stuff via the links on this site.

Next meeting

Sunday 3rd October. From 10.30 for drinks and treats.
From 11.00 for worship, teaching and encounter.
Sermon will be streamed on YouTube
and Facebook.
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