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What to expect

Coming somewhere new can be a big thing. We want you to feel welcome with not just what we do but who we are as a Church.

We don’t hold ‘regular’ services every Sunday and even then, we don’t do things that normally even when we do. We believe in being family before formality so on your first meeting with us you can expect to meet a regular group of people, dressed casually.

We are a mix of ages and backgrounds. We have young families, families with older children, single people, older people and younger people. We usually start a service with drinks and something to snack on like crumpets, toasted tea cakes or croissants.

People arrive from about 10.30 and the equipment like speakers, sound systems and video projectors are set up. We don’t put out chairs, if people want one they get one and put it back when they are finished. Some people will sit on the floor, some on chairs or move about.

About 11.00 (and only about !) we have a gathering activity of prayer, some modern songs or possibly share bread and wine to remember the last night Jesus had with His friends before he was crucified, died and was resurrected. We would often have a time for people to share what’s been happening in their lives, possibly sing some more and seek to allow the Father to speak to us through the Holy Spirit’s gifts of speaking out His heart, reminding us of a section of the Bible or describing a situation that someone is facing. At some point one of us will take a section of the Bible from a modern and understandable version and lead us to think how we can live for God. We will often have discussion groups or questions and answers but there is never any pressure to take part if you are nervous of doing so. Then we will have chance to respond to anything that has happened or being said, have another drink and pack up and go home, or out for lunch together (or in groups), go for a walk or do something else.

People may sit quietly as we sing and pray. Some may dance, clap, wave a flag or simply watch. You are welcome to do all, some or none of what the rest of us do.

We are normally finished by about 1.00 in the afternoon. We may change the order of some, or all, of what we do. We often have guest speakers from around the country or the world, especially from Redding, California.

Children and young people are very welcome. They tend to stay with us as we make the things we do accessible for everyone. We do encourage children to take part and be reasonably quiet during the talk. We don’t have a creche but we do have toys and activities for children and will soon have another room where parents can spend some time with their children.

On the Sundays when we don’t meet like this we may do a range of different things such as prayer walking, following God’s instructions to identify people He wants to heal or speak to, go for a walk and a meal together or any range of other things.

Whenever you come you will be made welcome. People will talk to you, explain what we do and why, help you get a chair or introduce you to others.

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New here?

If you are thinking of joining us for the very first time you will be most welcome, who ever you are and what ever your background is. Go here for some more details.


We try to record all our talks and make them available. Go here for more details.

Small (Life) Groups

Whilst we are not a huge Church (yet !) we know the importance of meeting in smaller, more intimate groups to get to know and encourage each other. More details here

Prayer Requests

We believe and see all types of healing and answered prayers. Contact us to send us your prayer request.

Service Times

We meet nearly every Sunday but at different times and places each week. Every page of this web site will tell you the next meeting. Go here for meeting details, directions and location maps.

Get involved

Get involved by meeting us in 'real life' at our next gathering or small group. You can also do all the social media stuff via the links on this site.

Next meeting

Sunday 3rd October. From 10.30 for drinks and treats.
From 11.00 for worship, teaching and encounter.
Sermon will be streamed on YouTube
and Facebook.
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